About IEOTA Technologies

We, Ieota Technologies, are a startup, aiming at providing products and services in the field of Information Technology. Simply concentrating on bringing more innovation in this world, we have ideas that are not only crisp and new but ultimately 'for the people'.

Since 2013, Ieota has always aimed to deliver high quality work in web designing and development services amalgamated with creative and result driven digital marketing. We guide and help our clients to beat their competitors in Google search results. At IEOTA we are crazy about creativity, customer satisfaction and the industry. Our team is the heart of our organization.

Our Process

We swear by developing websites that are alluring, but also flawless, adaptable and highly functional. We make sure that your decision to invest in a website is a meaningful one. Clients commit their money, energy and time with us, and we reciprocate and deliver.


We create customized design and development for our clients. We begin by collecting the requirement of the client along with the industry research, competitors' analysis and customers' analysis.


"Once the scope of the project is clear, prototypes are created and shared. One the basis of the feedback on the prototype, 100% unique web pages are created by our highly skilled and devoted designers. The mock- ups are revised until and unless our clients are satisfied


After freezing the design layouts, the front-end and back-end engineers develop complete functionalities. Rigorous quality analysis is done after the complete sites is deployed on test / staging server


Once testing is done and bugs are fixed, transition takes the focus. Pre-launch check listing is done by the account manger to confirm apt and reliable delivery of the requirements. After launch, complete customer support is provided to the client


Once the site is live, complete online support is provided with strategic inputs so that client can achieve full online potential of the product.

{ Web Design Workflow }

Five steps to successful website