Software Testing

It’s a process of finding bugs in software through executing a program or application. Software testing & quality assurance is immensely necessary. And if it’s not practiced properly can convert billion dollar idea into a complete flop show.

Our testing rehearse offers a thorough suite of programming testing that ranges crosswise over counselling, useful, robotization, execution and particular testing. Our test process structure, which is an aftereffect of assorted experiential information, gives lead measurements and basic markers that assistance in early course remedy and proactive basic leadership along these lines bringing about: Reducing the deformities that effect business utilization of the application Provide a steady application in production, Significantly enhance the Quality, Our testing focal point of perfection and Test Lab empowers us to give creative answers for our clients testing concerns.

Software Testing Lifecycle

Test planning

Development of test cases


Reporting bugs


Unit Testing

Under unit testing every individual component of software is tested to confirm it perform as designed. It is practiced by using “white box testing method”. Just before integration testing one can say it’s a first level of testing. Generally developers themselves do it.

Performance Testing

This kind of a testing is also known as non-functional testing which determine the performance of app under particular work load weather it has become or there is degradation in speed.

Mobile Testing

In this digital age everybody is using Smartphone’s travelling form places to places without stop in daily life or responsibility with the help of mobile apps. Play store and I store is flooded with number of apps just make your life simple and smooth. Therefore we cannot ignore the mobile testing of these apps just like for the software’s that run on desktop and laptop.


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